‚afrikakind’s 21 supported pupils started the 3rd term in nturo, a village next to kisoro, the town in the very southwest of UGANDA near the VIRUNGA mountain volcanoe range and border to DR CONGO and RWANDA


REBECCA suffered of MALARIA, but now she is on her way to recover, the others are fine and fit…


dark faces in the shadow means not to see the facial expressions of the children well, while the sun highlights the faces better,… the youngest of them is little JOAN with the white dress under her ‚afrikakind‘ marineblue pullover, she has another 2 sisters in this private school with their DIRECTRESS APHIA, who wants to develop her primary school in this poor village, where as well she was born…

UGANDA is a beautiful landlocked country in EASTAFRICA, many have to eat, BUT many are very POOR in terms of having money,…they come to their limits if there is to pay medical treatment or education,…many UGANDAN’s know how to grow plants, how to cultivate fields and harvest high quality food, especially in the region of the mountainious KISORO

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