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Eine Antwort zu FATUMA, the young woman in the white shirt, is struggeling to get her schoolfees payed! (like many african pupils)…many of them have interrupted school careers because of that reason, and many drop out of the school system before they can sucessfully finish!…FATUMA is the eldest of her family, 18 now, and visiting a big governmental secondary school in form (class) 2…, in 2 years she can finish form 4, IF she is able to pay the schoolfees of around 240€ per year!…TODAY the 3rd term of the schoolyear started and *afrikakind* handed her out the needed money for the while, BUT of course SHE needs a SPONSOR who is heartful und willing to take her costs!…FATUMA is also allowed to have lunch in school with this money, which helps a lot!…she was sent back from school for several times, because the fees were not payed, even meaning she could not take part at important exams, meaning her performance at the moment is below average, BUT i’m sure with permanent sponsorship she will improve her marks, she has also to cook at home when she comes back from school in the evening, but before it is to catch firewood to get the fire started, so homework has to wait til nighttime, in AFRICA life is hard for many, very hard!…her father died many years ago, her mum is trying to raise the 7 children, 6 girls and 1 boy, a tough job!…FATUMA wants to become a teacher, maybe we can help her to get closer to that wish:-))

  1. africa2me schreibt:

    start the week with thinking about another person on this planet…

    Gefällt mir

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